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How to know if a detail is right for you.

What happens when you get in your car in the morning and you look on the passenger side floor and see stacks of Poland Springs water bottles? You look to your right and see fingerprints all over your glass. You start to think "Hmm maybe I should clean my car this weekend" but you don't have the time. You need to watch your kids, do the dishes, fold napkins, finish your new show on Netflix and go grocery shopping. The point is, your car falls to the bottom of your to-do list.

But what if there was a solution to this problem...someone who can go to you, someone who can clean your car while you finish your Netflix show. Or even better, while you're working. No that can't be possible...can it?

It sure can, more and more people are starting mobile detailing businesses nowadays to help people like you; the people that don't have the time to do it themselves. There are multiple options when looking for a detailer. Some can go to you, some have a shop, and some can do ppf (paint protection film) to protect your paint. There are many options out there for you to pick from, but how do you know what's right for you?

If you're low on time and don't really care for the paint of your vehicle, a car wash may be helpful but you need to know the risks you're taking before going. You know that big spinning thing that goes over your entire car when it's washing it? How many cars do you think that touches every day, every hour even? The answer to that is enough to pick up a lot of dirt..... Where do you think that dirt goes? Inside the scary 12 ft long foam swirl creator. All that dirt can then be rubbed into your precious paint and cause micro scratches. Don't know what micro scratches are?

Here's a photo for reference:

I bet if you went to your car now and shined a light on it you'd see exactly this. No, it's not true damage to your vehicle and I know it's difficult to see but it's still ruining your investment. I bet you have a case on your brand-new iPhone because you don't want to scratch it right? Well, a car is 20x more expensive. Why do you send it through a swirl-creating portal?

Look, I get it, I'm a detailer and I barely take care of my own car's paint. But I still don't bring it through a car wash. I have a white car so it's much harder to see the micro scratches. Next time you go to send your car through a car wash, think about what you're reading and drive away. This isn't a tactic of me trying to take business away from a car wash so you spend money with a detailer. Yes, I make more money from more clients and trust me I'm not going to have clients spawn in because they came out of the swirl portal. I actually heavily promote cleaning your own car cause it's fun, you get the satisfaction of driving a shiny disco ball once you finish wiping it for hours. Seriously, there are not many things like it.

Now getting back to if a detail is right for you

If you're reading this article right now, the answer is probably yes. You're just trying to not have buyer's remorse. Figuring out that you need a detail is actually pretty simple. Figure out if you have the time to do it yourself. Do you have your own products? Do you have some knowledge of detailing? Something else to think about is getting all the detailing products you need can be expensive. You could spend up to $500to get all the products and tools you'd need to do the job I have experience doing and will make your vehicle look like new.

My recommendation would be, if you have the money to spend on a detailer, then get your car detailed. If you don't, then buy some basic products and clean your car yourself. If you want to clean your car yourself, I would recommend watching a YouTube video that goes over everything.

Here is a list of Youtube videos I would recommend -

ACSDetailing - How to detail a car inside and out:

Chris Fix - How to super clean the interior of your car:

The Detail Hunters - 15 Stages to detailing for beginners:

Pan The Organizer - How to wash your car like a pro:

IMJOSHV - How to wash your car using a foam cannon:

Summary of this article

No matter who you are or what car you drive, please do not bring your car through a car wash because you're low on time or don't care. At least use self-serve car washes if you're low on time. I figured out how to clean an entire car in 4 minutes with the self-serve car wash. Do you have 4 minutes?

Imagine buying a brand new iPhone straight from the apple store then you walk right out of the store and drag the screen face down across the pavement. Makes you cringe right? So why are you doing that to your car that costs 20x more? This is basically what that 10 ft long spinning welcome mat is doing to your car.

If you decide to go with a detailer, shop around a bit and figure out if you want a mobile detailer or one with a shop. Figure out what you want to be done to your car (inside or outside or both). Check out their reviews and look into their website. Ask for a quote with questions prepared.

Taking care of your vehicle is very important. It's either the most expensive or second most expensive thing you own, so why let it get nasty? You have to take care if you're in the salt belt so the body doesn't rust into the ground.

Please refer to my pricing article to find out how much your vehicle will cost!

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