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Exterior Hand Wash + Wax





SUV / Truck / 2 Row

Large SUV / 3 Row


Exterior Add-ons:
- Ceramic Window Coating
- Paint Correction
- Tar, Road Paint, Overspray Removal

Image by Cloud Prod

Exterior Wash & Wax Includes:

  • Pre-soak foam cannon

  • Hand contact wash to minimize scratches

  • Wheels and tires thoroughly cleaned, then SiO2 protectant added.

  • Iron decontamination and light clay bar to remove fallout and clogged paint

  • Door jambs cleaned

  • Windows cleaned and 4 month ceramic applied

  • 4-6 Month paint sealant applied to protect and enhance gloss.

Image by Erik Mclean
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Exterior Hand Wash & Dry + Waxing

Check out our availability and book the date and time that works for you


Gold Standard

Experience the gold standard of auto detailing with M&J. Our signature service includes a thorough washing and decontamination of your vehicle, followed by a one-step paint enhancement that removes up to 80% of swirls and imperfections. The result is a car that looks brand new, with a mirror-like shine that will turn heads. Trust our professionals to give your vehicle the care and attention it deserves.

Our Exterior Detailing

It's time to say goodbye to those frustrating car wash experiences! Avoid damaging your car's paint by trusting the professionals at M & J Detailing Services.


We use specialized tools and materials to wash, dry, and detail your car to perfection, without causing any damage to your paint or exterior.


Plus, with our regular detailing services, we can help prevent dirt and debris from building up and causing further damage to your car's paint. From interior cleaning to exterior detailing, we've got you covered.

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